Ab Toners & Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Published: 12th July 2009
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Strong, firm abs are not easy to come by for a lot of people. Toning your abdominal muscles requires sticking to an exercise routine that some of us don't have the time for.

With recent advances in technology, you can now get Ab Toners that use medical-grade Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), or Electrical Muscle Stimulation as it more appropriately known.

Getting a great abdominal workout just got easier. Ab Toners that use EMS to work your abdominal muscles make your ab workout almost effortless. As is true with any exercise, you must maintain a consistent routine and increase its intensity as your muscles become stronger. By targeting the abdominal area, Ab Toners, like Slendertone's Flex Belt, can shorten the time of your exercise routine by using EMS to deliver a highly effective workout.

The Slendertone ab toner uses a unique three-pad placement configuration that ensures that all muscles in the targeted region are exercised properly by stimulating specific, relevant nerve-clusters over the whole area. The result is strong, deep, comfortable contractions that make your muscles firmer and stronger. The Flex Belt contractions feel like you are tightening/flexing your muscles and then releasing/relaxing them. If you feel the Slendertone sensation, then you're getting a good abdominal workout. This distinct feeling is very important and critical to getting a full workout and the toned abs that you are looking for!

Don't let a busy schedule keep you from getting strong, firm abs. Get a Slendertone Flex Belt today. With an EMS ab toner you don't have to sacrifice any daily activities to get a good ab workout. The EMS ab toner works for everyone... new mothers who want to regain their flat stomachs, busy students, executives that want to look good but don't have the time to go to the gym, and even people that are in great shape but want to futher strengthen their abs. Because the Flex Belt is so convenient, you can work your abs anywhere and anytime. With the Flex Belt you can get stronger abdominal muscles by using it while working, doing house chores, shopping, reading, watching TV, studying, and yes, even while working out at the gym.

The Flex Belt ab toner is truly an amazing ab toner that's highly recommended for strengthing the abdominal muscles. Slendertone even offers a hassle-free 60-Day Money Back refund guarantee in case you're not satisfied.

To see more of the Slendertone Flex Belt in action including inspiring testimonials, in-depth videos, and clinical evidence of it's effectiveness, visit http://www.americanrxhealth.com/the-flex-belt-review-ab-toning-belt-by-slendertone for a full, comprehensive review.

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